Till tale land

land of foil
watercolor on paper, 12×14 (inspired by Tondo women garlic stripper)


Tilling still this foil of soi has planted

this million aged seeds of hope, seeds of toil?

this hands has soak in blood or this hands that give life?

This land of freedom or land of bondage in stride?


We were born in this land

pearl in the orient they called

richness in beauty- has bath with blood

distorted, destroyed by the colonizer’s hand


The west who called us dumb and idiot!

the wound brought us from Mactan until Dapitan’s front,

the battle brought the bloodshed of our heroes tomb

has nourished this land, this land of toil!


The GMO seeds were planted has daunted

with failing promise to produce a harvest

‘coz the rice field has filled with worms!

that kills the bounty produced by native land


The Green revolution- great profit its only hope

Marcos’s Masagana hopelessness in dope!

promise of double and triple produce

in every 1 dollar is equal to 3 dollars produce


Monsanto doubled the price of insecticide

Has increase the harvest in unimaginable price

has flooded the rice field with great debt at hand

and all the more- those merchants increasing demand


The native seeds stored in stock was filed

in cold metal warehouse- was damped

Then seeds were bought from abroad diced!

tohave a crops and fruits- in giant size


foreign profit doubled their basket size

The farmers starved in an empty plate

Still tilling this tale land of the orient!

scarce in freedom- plight of the old aged planters

(dedicate this poem for the Farmers in the Philippines) October 7, 2014 https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Margin/547271551958076


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