Poetry Contest (Free Admission), a Valentines’ day special for independent writers/artist to be hosted by Solo Arts and Dine and The Margin Phillipines

pubmat_arawpusoMessage from the Organizers,


This February 14- Valentine’ s Day Cultural event especial will never be the same, as music, poetry and visual art converged  to bring a meaningful celebration. This is a collaborative cultural event brought to you by Solo Arts and Dine, Kulturang Bayan and The Margin Philippines. The theme: Love Life to the Fullest.

Kulturang Bayan and Solo Arts and Dine believed that love starts with realizing the importance of realizing once self- worth as a person  capable of loving once self, as loving others.  Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart once said, “Accept yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.” Accepting once self is indeed necessary ingredient in living a life the fullest.

Thus, the theme conveyed the sorority of loving oneself as measurement of expressing a and genuine love for others. There will be no reason that we can’t love those people around us, if we really do care for ourselves. There will be no logical reason for us to advocate harm against this love. There will be no reason to support anything that cuts life where love resides. There will be no drugs that destroy life, no extra judicial killings, no poverty that degrade life itself.

But now days, life seem unrespected, unloved, neglected because self- love never become the core of human relationship. In the advent of modern development, commercialization, digital innovation have high hopes in addressing human misery, poverty, lifelessness but lead to our self- image in state of destroyed and distorted. Theorist Hannah Arendt noted;

In order to tell the stories of human experience—inner and outer—writers and artists must have solitude and time to think. As a result of our “always-on” ethos, we have neither time nor space within which to lose ourselves in reflection. There is always

something outside the self, robbing the self of the self.

 it’s extremely unlikely that without the ability to love oneself a person can ever be happy. That is, what’s necessary and sufficient—not for loving another but for a state of inner contentment and well-being—is healthy self-love and acceptance. For it only makes sense that if you’re not on very good terms with yourself, you’re not going to be happy with life generally.

Finally, living in the fullness as central theme of Valentine’s Day cultural event celebration can be gleaned in the words of a Doctor and Nationalist leader from Cuba, Che Guevarra; “Every person has the truth in his heart. No matter how complicated his circumstances, no matter how others look at him from the outside, and no matter how deep or shallow the truth dwells in his heart, once his heart is pieced with a crystal needle, the truth will gush forth like a geyser.” May self- love will lead us to ever live love to its fullness towards the others, for the lost, the least, and last brothers and sisters.

We hope to live love to the fullness. We leave you with a question that worth reflecting in this valentine’s season, How will you communicate and live love to the fullest?

February, 2017



Poetry Contest para sa Araw ng mga Puso!
Ano: Panulaan (free verse)
Tema: Minsan lang Bata.

Nilalalaman: Tula, alin mang nagtaglay at nagpapaliwag ng karakter, kalakasan, kahalagahan, karapatan, kagalingan ng mga bata. Pwede din ang sariling mga ala-ala ng kabataan.
Paano sumali: Magpadala ng inyong tula sa page ng The Margin Philippines (TMP) https://www.facebook.com/eastheticsofmargin/?fref=ts.

Ang mga mapipiling entries liban sa mananalong pyesa ay malilimbag sa coffee table book ng Solo art and Dine. Awarding of prizes will be at Solo Arts and Dine G.A Tower 594 Sierra Madre st Brgy. Malamig Mandaluyong City (near Boni MRT) on February 14, 4pm. Contact Mr. Von Castillo at 09158821651/ 09331361271.

First Prize: 500 pesos worth item plus Certificate /FREE COPY ng libro
Second Prize: 300 pesos worth item plus Certificate/free copy ng libro
Third Prize: T-SHIRT plus 100 pesos load/ free copy ng libro

mula sa TMP at Solo Arts & Dine

* Solo Arts and Dine is resto bar espousing a sustainable community where arts, food and music converged to give space for creative voice of Filipino artist. The Resto Bar is located just near Boni MRT station, 954 Seira Madre Street, Brgy. Malamig, Mandaluyong City. For inquiries pls. visit their fb account https://www.facebook.com/SOLOARTSANDDINE/


Callalily by Kalayaan 

Beautiful flower sprung in the stream
Calla lily is her name, what a lovely name

has sought the morning glow
feed this lonely stream of you may
as stones mixed of morning mist
love birds sung a hymn of morning glory!

As Khayyam sit and prayed
watching the growing spring,
edge of a meadow in full bloom,
this world is like a twigs – a piece
the tree might not known

Hum, hum, hum hum, hum
stir this filthy eyes with new sight
Calla lily, generous of it’s petals
has little prince bee might see
so fickle pinkish buds sense maybe 

resting pace at its stalk I see

May rest in the rhythm of the waves
feel the music of wind creates
glades with me blades of grasses
in a painted eternity’s natures scenes
where Aphrodite beauty hauls

where are others flowers blooms ?
along side this Calla lily of love bloom
rains reaches out to hungry field of ray
fragrant hone a reach in a silent of May
you will stay and never astray
feed this love birds anew
so may soar high in the blue sky
so may soar high far in the star!

Jan, 2017

* Khayyam or Omar Khayyam was an Arab poet.


Gusaling walang Mata Ni Kalayaan

sunset_bukalnakatitig ang gusaling walang mata

nakakabingi ang yabag ng pag-aalsa
sing-tamis na halik ng mapait na sumpa
pirasong papel; resume at biodata
sulyap na nais ng manhid na tadhana
sambitin ng uwak ang swerteng dala

Mapili ng tagapag tala
tanging lakas paggawa
ang almusal sa umaga
Aabangan at di magsasawa
igawad na sana ang kontrata
mapawi ang hapdi ng sikmura
pirasong papel hudyat ng simula

alipinin ng dagta ng pakontrata
sahurang diwa sa 8 oras paggawa
over time mo pampasigla
Katas ng pawis ka ibig ibig
sa nagtatangkang mangalipusta
sa litid ng ugat karukhaan ko’y
sa iilan ay pampasaya
at sa amin lubos na dusa

tuloy kayo sa aking balay
dingding ko sayo ay alay
nakausling diwa maralitang buhay
Pira pirasong tarpaulin at tabla
Patong patong na gulong
hinahawi ng panganib
ng mga demolisyon
dugoang pintuan naluray
tokhang sa gabi ay banta

Habang silang nakinabang lubos
sa dugo at pawis ng lakas paggawa
nasa palasyo ng matutulis na pader
gintong pilak ang hapagkainan
palaruan sing lawak ng karagatan
ito ay buhay na sayo’y kawalan
sumpang dambuhalang ganid
itinuro ang iyong karukhaan

sa tahimik na himlay ng sigwa
sa huling gabi ng paglalamay
damayan mo wagas ang pag-iisa
ng Inang Bayang nagluluksa


(photo credit to CICM Bukal Ng Tipan)

Coffee, Pen and Freedom by Alya

This fresh sunshine leaped!
has embarked in my cup
this hot and pure taste thee
awake, has turned this lazy night
where we sleep at the break of dawn
‘coz we can’t easily break
those random thoughts
music, notes and coffee
This fresh daylight from grey
has pour out best hope to say
only few words have escaped
where political debates mixed
stir with a little sound you play
Oh, this cup of coffee in fresh day!
Embraced this bitter taste feel
To awaken from deepest feel
Painted sign may mark
little things depicts entirety
propagandist stiched and patched
thick and thin have seen
all round and circle
capitalist taste lurked
away from my cup of coffee!
June 12, a misfortune in disguise!
You and I have future wasted away!
Almost , ‘ vomit this last sip of coffee
While this aristocrats and elites cheers!
Of your last cry in a funeral
Of 118 days of Death anniversary!
A day of remorse in June 12,
a funeral paid in misery,
of love offered for beloved country!
her orphaned sons and daughters
to cry this long freedom!

So, cry your last tears!
With this last dregs left
Of freedom lost in vain!
A carnage of dead breathe
This freedom, a walling cry!
Not a vigil in last funeral
not in her death bed sight!
until the last drop of coffee
may see us gayest free!
In this paper ink may dried!
With this painted ink filled
of liberty they feasted in conspire!
a freedom bought in a penny!
this prodigal treaty cheated its way!
A treaty threat freedom in delay!

Have my coffee serve not in delay
may imitate what we hope and see
a freedom sang everyday!
where kids, children play
with the melody of sound picked
freedom true to its sounds
lived, breathed, adored and love

Blood of tears dropped!
Oriental pearl shed tears;
Of this beloved motherland
Of deprived by justified love
From daring merchants traded?
Traded away capitalist who fled!
Submitted June 24, 2016
reevised Jan 2017
Photo credit The Margin