What road after KM71?

Watercolor paint- KM 71 marchers painted by Von Adlawan

71 days will come into the row
71 courageous men and women
have surpass seas, heat and rain
71 Billion worth for sons and daughters
commence their future which is rightly due

The stiff wayward, Davao has founded
A land full of bounty and rich in beauty
which Eagle once nested in forest of diversity!
coconut trees, come lashing for solidarity!

36 years has gone the case decided
rate of 20 shall be given to the Merchant kings
rate of 24 shall be given to the coconut workers
Danding has received without hindrance
But the workers promised without assurance!

Who should have received the full fruit of produce?
Who should have get more options in justice?
What was P-NOY’s tuwid na daan introduced?
It is to feed the rich and forget all the rest
let all coconut workers starve to death!

But the news is encouraging

Km. 71 Marchers greeted by Malacanang palace

to give the promise to the Coconut farmers

After all sweat, tears, suffering from a long March

But what road which KM71 marchers will be heading?