Callalily by Kalayaan 

Beautiful flower sprung in the stream
Calla lily is her name, what a lovely name

has sought the morning glow
feed this lonely stream of you may
as stones mixed of morning mist
love birds sung a hymn of morning glory!

As Khayyam sit and prayed
watching the growing spring,
edge of a meadow in full bloom,
this world is like a twigs – a piece
the tree might not known

Hum, hum, hum hum, hum
stir this filthy eyes with new sight
Calla lily, generous of it’s petals
has little prince bee might see
so fickle pinkish buds sense maybe 

resting pace at its stalk I see

May rest in the rhythm of the waves
feel the music of wind creates
glades with me blades of grasses
in a painted eternity’s natures scenes
where Aphrodite beauty hauls

where are others flowers blooms ?
along side this Calla lily of love bloom
rains reaches out to hungry field of ray
fragrant hone a reach in a silent of May
you will stay and never astray
feed this love birds anew
so may soar high in the blue sky
so may soar high far in the star!

Jan, 2017

* Khayyam or Omar Khayyam was an Arab poet.



Beauty of Love! By Von Adlawan




For this day is made

Hue of Valentine’s Day!

Where days a pause

Glimpse of host!


Where thou its roots?

Where this lost and found?

bravery of heart abound

heroes land of loud

love is for a country?


Flashing and glittering

Stares in horizon,

Where eyes waiting

From welcoming home;

Thus beauty of love

Has Psyche embraced and

captured Cupid’s eyes


Where those heroes fell in love?

will fight until the last

Breathe fell apart

Just to sought

Yes, your beauty of love!


Love is like a cypress Laurel

Of Ibarra to Simoun’s love

to his beloved pearl of the orient

Shall not surpass adorned!

even the surged of torment

in Sisa’s search for his sons



bright flashing stars

has soften the heart of Aries,

Aphrodite adorned!

Red is this Valentine’s Day

Flagged this sober mist,

brighter than red colors they see!

Feast they make amass

more than a feast that last!