If Rizal were alive today, what will be his stand point on the death of Transgender woman, Jennifer Laude?

By Vonn Adlawan


If Rizal were alive today
And seeing his country
Drown in the abyss misery
He might write in his own blogs
Filled his notes, poetry with tags

If he would see how Jennifer Laude
Drowned to death by cruelty in Olongapo City
He would summon flags, leaflets, pamphlets in streets

His own insights

  Just like
Any     patriot
he         would
Draw       his thoughts
His              words
On               the injustice
of                   created by
MDT                 VFA, EDCA
he                        will write
PR                        and post
It in                               his FB.

He would
Come in
And lead in
Press con,
Will give
Radio brief
And will set
DGs, forum
FEU, Ateneo,


He would not let his beloved
Country and people, succumb
In the hands of
Of colonizers
He would not
Let our land,
Our women,
Our children,
Our resources,

Our freedom

         Be sacrifice toThe interest of
The monopoly capitalist powers
For their insatiable greed for profit.


          But the
Seeing the
Life,            luxury,
of those           corrupt
Public                   officials
Being                       part of
Social cancer of society.
His death,           life and works
Being                   wasted and
Lost in                 the memory
Of Noli                and Fili. By the

Greed                  of upper
ladder                  of society


Dr. Jose rizal
You were
Killed in
Dec, 30
1896 not
Only by
But also
By the
Of the
Elite and compromising silence of

Malacanang on the custody of murderer- Pemberton-


40 days shift (Part I)

If Jesus has spent
40 days in the desert
to overcome himself
and to renew his mission

We too, have a shift
4o days lift
to change vices
to progressive virtues

To master the emotion
to stiff like Narra tree
But pliable as bamboo shoots
to conquer oneself

So, This is my first day,
this is the beginning
of a long sojourn
to back to myself- reflect

All plans are set
3 to 4 sets of approaches
to give flesh to 40 days shift
to be acquired, implemented

1 is for focus on social practice
2 is for revising art
3 is for painting and reading
4 is for literary works

first is for social practice
to study all angles
necessary for development
in theory and practice

second is for Revising art
a combination of Martial arts
for self defense, for fitness
a food for body and mind

Third is painting and reading
to exercise this hands
to produce progressive arts
to finds home for The Margin

Fourth is for literary works
to produce poem of inspiration,
of frustration and desperation
to write stories of The Margin

All is set for 40 days
The sword is my courage
my shield is my hope
the first day is a challenge

We Never Learn!

by Von AdlawanWe Never Learn

September 21, 1972
It might be just a number
or a routine of ordinary day
but for others a stained in their diary!

That day for activist was rare
’cause- street is sanctuary
of voiceless protest,
becoming a spark creating fire!

That day for laborers
initiated baptism of fire
unity becomes power
La tondenia saw the fire!

Urban poor gathered spear
Parola armor has geared
With Holy Father’s blessing
The priest has embarked in plain!

Student activists created
streets as source of wisdom,
truncheon and water canon
their butter and bread!

Student leaders defined
their leadership for the masses
Makamasa, Makabayan….
a platform defined by surged of time

Lean has stood up!
contending Marco’s Brilliance
NDs has rejoiced with pride
Lean has to give the price!

Now the fascism has gone,
In wax covered with glass
democracy so thought to lived
and freedom has in grave!

To commemorate once again
This 21st of September
is just like a story, being retold
the moral and lesson we forget!

(A poem dedicated for he unsung heroes against State suppression in Martial law time)