Coffee, Pen and Freedom by Alya

This fresh sunshine leaped!
has embarked in my cup
this hot and pure taste thee
awake, has turned this lazy night
where we sleep at the break of dawn
‘coz we can’t easily break
those random thoughts
music, notes and coffee
This fresh daylight from grey
has pour out best hope to say
only few words have escaped
where political debates mixed
stir with a little sound you play
Oh, this cup of coffee in fresh day!
Embraced this bitter taste feel
To awaken from deepest feel
Painted sign may mark
little things depicts entirety
propagandist stiched and patched
thick and thin have seen
all round and circle
capitalist taste lurked
away from my cup of coffee!
June 12, a misfortune in disguise!
You and I have future wasted away!
Almost , ‘ vomit this last sip of coffee
While this aristocrats and elites cheers!
Of your last cry in a funeral
Of 118 days of Death anniversary!
A day of remorse in June 12,
a funeral paid in misery,
of love offered for beloved country!
her orphaned sons and daughters
to cry this long freedom!

So, cry your last tears!
With this last dregs left
Of freedom lost in vain!
A carnage of dead breathe
This freedom, a walling cry!
Not a vigil in last funeral
not in her death bed sight!
until the last drop of coffee
may see us gayest free!
In this paper ink may dried!
With this painted ink filled
of liberty they feasted in conspire!
a freedom bought in a penny!
this prodigal treaty cheated its way!
A treaty threat freedom in delay!

Have my coffee serve not in delay
may imitate what we hope and see
a freedom sang everyday!
where kids, children play
with the melody of sound picked
freedom true to its sounds
lived, breathed, adored and love

Blood of tears dropped!
Oriental pearl shed tears;
Of this beloved motherland
Of deprived by justified love
From daring merchants traded?
Traded away capitalist who fled!
Submitted June 24, 2016
reevised Jan 2017
Photo credit The Margin