Voice from the Margin (by Ronald Adlawan)




Hide and seek the children’s play
unfurnished walls to hear when they pray
from the seeking threat of fire demolition
to a dream house completely hidden and fad’n

Hide and seek a two decade struggle of Tondo
has transformed water lily into a well founded ground
Have burnt to ashes by fire in March 2nd day!
The walls and roofs turned into tainted hay

day seems a silent and empty night in Calvary
19, 000 who flee like ants without a queen in colony
‘ don’t build a costly house as precaution from fire’
has announced a tag line from Binay in dismay

Hide and seek this is the usual business trick
for few elite who makes money in port fee
for the progress they call like a foil
to wash out this little poor children at toil

How many walls, houses that has to be destroyed
before we notice that this children of Parola, Tondo?
has the right to play to a place they call their own
A decent place without fear and dismay, demolition


We Never Learn!

by Von AdlawanWe Never Learn

September 21, 1972
It might be just a number
or a routine of ordinary day
but for others a stained in their diary!

That day for activist was rare
’cause- street is sanctuary
of voiceless protest,
becoming a spark creating fire!

That day for laborers
initiated baptism of fire
unity becomes power
La tondenia saw the fire!

Urban poor gathered spear
Parola armor has geared
With Holy Father’s blessing
The priest has embarked in plain!

Student activists created
streets as source of wisdom,
truncheon and water canon
their butter and bread!

Student leaders defined
their leadership for the masses
Makamasa, Makabayan….
a platform defined by surged of time

Lean has stood up!
contending Marco’s Brilliance
NDs has rejoiced with pride
Lean has to give the price!

Now the fascism has gone,
In wax covered with glass
democracy so thought to lived
and freedom has in grave!

To commemorate once again
This 21st of September
is just like a story, being retold
the moral and lesson we forget!

(A poem dedicated for he unsung heroes against State suppression in Martial law time)