Callalily by Kalayaan 

Beautiful flower sprung in the stream
Calla lily is her name, what a lovely name

has sought the morning glow
feed this lonely stream of you may
as stones mixed of morning mist
love birds sung a hymn of morning glory!

As Khayyam sit and prayed
watching the growing spring,
edge of a meadow in full bloom,
this world is like a twigs – a piece
the tree might not known

Hum, hum, hum hum, hum
stir this filthy eyes with new sight
Calla lily, generous of it’s petals
has little prince bee might see
so fickle pinkish buds sense maybe 

resting pace at its stalk I see

May rest in the rhythm of the waves
feel the music of wind creates
glades with me blades of grasses
in a painted eternity’s natures scenes
where Aphrodite beauty hauls

where are others flowers blooms ?
along side this Calla lily of love bloom
rains reaches out to hungry field of ray
fragrant hone a reach in a silent of May
you will stay and never astray
feed this love birds anew
so may soar high in the blue sky
so may soar high far in the star!

Jan, 2017

* Khayyam or Omar Khayyam was an Arab poet.



Red Valentines Day! By Von Adlawan

red valentines

For this day is made

A red valentines day!

a celebration with a cause

for purse required a cost!


teary eyes of Recto Street lads

there are red colors,

feast they make amass

these are all free, just pay the price


Slowly dimming light

Solely witness of  red scale night

grey dark street of Espanya

sales from Sampaguita


flashing and glittering stars

where eyes only comfort

and there are plenty of red shapes

pierced in the heart of this lad

Eyes have seen but not looking at

Getting left over from fast food chain!

from the garbage bag


hard, soft, sour and sweetness leftover

last supper, where flies, cockroach shares

Sometimes there are distorted colored can

printed by the name of Coca cola, RC, Pepsi

There are also fried chicken, sort of hot sauce

to stare at the red shape of the moon!

of dimming light where hunger is only refuge!



And there are shades, shapes of every kind

in the streets seems festive

Hotels offering an all night discounts

But for the lad of no home to sleep

and no shelter to rest this weary soul!

The stars were made too far to catch?

Time is Fading!


Time to fade- like a sunset
to give way to moonlight
time for a rain to stop falling
to give way for the soil to dry

Say bye and bye for December
to welcome the jubilant new year
time to plant in February
Time to harvest in May

All new born baby- is like a society
the process of labor- how painful it may
a red star above the Christmas tree
to put in on all it best- sought to see!

don’t remorse in sudden lost of day
So you will not all depend in its ray
nor morn for a string beans to fall
when it made to produce a new haul

The sage Tolstoy said, we are fool,
underneath all, every great and small
Shall reside seven feet under the ground
A best stories told- a whispering sound

Zarathustra created by Nietzsche
“for man to live- God has to die,
for God to live- man has to die”
Then he found liberty in his insanity

When young Hegelian Marx was born
All oppressed and exploited has sought
for a last revolt- of unwavering proletariat,
He died in rocking chair- then live forever!