Wild Flowers Photography by Von Adlawan

Series of wild flowers found in the Philippines. wildf_1wildf_2wildf_3wildf_4wildf_5wildf_6wildf_7wildf_8


War Flower By Fr. Adrian Louie Zambo Atonducan, cicm


flowerYou grew up in the midst of turmoil

You took root in an arid soil
In the midst of all this struggle
You started blooming from every angle
Your life is all about an unending fight
Trying your best to set things right
Nobody was able to hear you cry
Until the day you gave out your last sigh
You are a flower in adversity
Releasing sweet aroma in difficulty
But through your stem they get pricked
Yet, nonetheless you get picked
It was never an easy battle
I imagine how hard you want to settle
Blown by the wind from place to place
Your petals lost its gorgeous grace
Hush! Let your beauty rest for now
You deserve that sleep somehow
From now on, there’s no more pain
Be purified from every stain


Submitted June 23, 2016

Photo credit to Fr. Louie Atonducan